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November News Digest: Early Routing, Farmer Jason

November News Digest Early Routing Farmer Jason

Early Routing forming for 2017 – 2018:
Zak Morgan – New England states, OH, IN, IL, WV, WY, CA, LA
Farmer Jason – MI, IL, TN, KY, CA
Hobey Ford's Golden Rod Puppets – WI, CA, NC, FL, LA, TN, Northeast states
Billy Jonas and the Billy Jonas Band – LA, GA, FL, TN, SC, WV, MA, PA, NJ, MD, KS, AZ, IL, MO
Doug Berky – AL, FL, SC, NC, GA, KY, MI, VA
Paul Taylor – MN, WY
Scott Ainslie – NM, MS, NC, SC, VA, PA, MA, MD, NY, OH, MI, IL
Roger Day – SC, AL, LA, NC, VA, TN
Allan Wolf – TX, FL, GA, SC, NC, NY
Lloyd Arneach – NC, GA

Contact Susan Lounsbury, susan@loydartists.com, 518-647-5916.

See you at Bull Chat in Durham, NC on November 14 and 15, http://ncpresenters.org/meetinginfo.php

The first and second place winners in the Tennessee Fire Marshall's video contest used Farmer Jason's original song "Get On Out"! Watch the results!