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With Gratitude!

With Gratitude
You are the branches,
each sparkling toward the sky,
for whom we say thanks!
Thank you for the opportunity to work together in 2016.

Coming your way!

Contact Susan Lounsbury, susan@loydartists.com, 518.647.5916

Zak Morgan – New England states, OH, IN, IL, WV, KY, WY, CA, LA
Farmer Jason – MI, IL, AR, TN, SC, KY, CA, MT
Hobey Ford's Golden Rod Puppets – WI, CA, NC, SC, FL, LA, TN, Northeast states
Billy Jonas and the Billy Jonas Band – LA, GA, FL, TN, SC, WV, MA, PA, NJ, MD, KS, AZ, IL, MO, CA
Enjoy Billy Jonas’ new website - http://billyjonas.com/
Scott Ainslie – NM, MS, NC, SC, VA, PA, MA, MD, NY, OH, MI, IL
Doug Berky – AL, FL, SC, NC, GA, KY, MI, VA, NY
Roger Day – SC, AL, FL, LA, NC, VA, TN
Allan Wolf – TX, FL, GA, SC, NC, NY
Paul Taylor – MN, WY, MT
Lloyd Arneach – NC, GA