Loyd Artists

Our Amazing Artists

  1. Reggie Harris
  2. Billy Jonas
  3. Hobey Ford's Golden Rod Puppets
  4. Doug Berky
  5. Paul Taylor
  6. Roger Day
  7. Zak Morgan
  8. Race and Song: A Musical Conversation
  9. Scott Ainslie
  10. North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble

Loyd Artists Roster 2020-2022

REGGIE HARRIS An amazing musician, storyteller and educator. He draws on a deep reservoir of African American music and history, his own personal history and current events to present programs rooted in story and song – blending spirituals and freedom songs, the old with popular originals that are relevant and poignant, uplifting and thoughtful, joyful and hopeful, captivating and entertaining. Kennedy Center Artist; Duo Concert with Greg Greenway "Deeper than the Skin"; Duo Concert with Scott Ainslie "Long Time Comin"

BILLY JONAS Performer, singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and educator; original songs performed with lively audience participation; voice, guitar, homemade instrument creations from recycled objects, bells and body percussion create a neo-tribal hootenanny of heart, mind and community. Trio Concert with Abraham Jam; Trio Concert with The Billy Jonas Band

DOUG BERKY Classic solo physical theater; mime, classic clown; handmade original and exquisite masks with storytelling and improv bring children’s tales as well as stories of justice and healing to life.

ROGER DAY Award winning children’s music, infectious tunes and rhythms and inspiring characters; smart, interactive music for families. Dove Family Foundation artist; two-time Parents’ Choice Gold winner

ZAK MORGAN Grammy nominated chlldren’s songs with wit and charm; performances filled with musical stories, laughter and warmth, encouraging children to learn through reading, imagination, and believing in themselves. Duo and Trio Concerts available.

HOBEY FORD'S GOLDEN ROD PUPPETS Recipient of puppetry’s highest award for his contributions and excellence in the art and craft of puppetry. Visually stunning! Family and children’s programs. Kennedy Center Artist

ABRAHAM JAM Beautiful music and traditions rooted in history; Respect and friendship, building understanding between 3 different cultures and traditions, sparking dialogue and personal connection in our challenging world; A collaborative concert with members of the three Abrahamic faiths; original and traditional music of heart and spirit, and the result is harmony! Dawud Wharnsby, Billy Jonas and David LaMotte

LONG TIME COMIN' with SCOTT AINSLIE & REGGIE HARRIS coming at the music, the history, and the realities of race in America from different perspectives and arriving at the same place through song, story, compassion and humor.

SCOTT AINSLIE Expertise in both the Southern Appalachian fiddle and banjo traditions and Piedmont and Delta Blues; Music and storytelling programs that present the African roots of American music and culture. Duo Concert with Reggie Harris "Long Time Comin"

NORTH CAROLINA YOUTH TAP ENSEMBLE Rhythm, fun, innovation, excitement, the press has called this group “the premier youth tap ensemble in the world.”

PAUL TAYLOR Celebrating the culture of his Australian homeland through story, song, dance, painting and didjeridoo. Programs and concerts for all ages. Paul is the adopted son of the last remaining elder of the Wardaman tribe, Yidumduma Bill Harney. He brings the spirit and teachings of Aboriginal Australia to his work. Specializing in arts-in-education residencies to build community; Multi-disciplined, supportive of multiple curriculum standards and inspired by Aboriginal indigenous wisdom, inclusion, diversity, social and environmental justice, to release joy and caring among participants.