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January 2018 News Digest

January 2018 News Digest
NCYTE Blazing Into 2018!

We hope to see at the International Performing Arts for Youth Conference, Booth #2

New Touring Shows Available for 2018!

Grant Opportunities:
South Arts makes changes to grant programs - for more information
North Carolina Arts grant cycle announced
Arts Midwest Touring Fund open - for more information
TourWest info
Westaf's IMTour
New England Foundation for the Arts Presenting and Touring Grants

Contact Susan Lounsbury

Routing to Date:
Reggie Harris - AL, NC, LA, MI, NV, PA, DC, ME, NY, NJ, CT, MD, Germany
Hobey Ford’s Golden Rod Puppets - CA, NV, SC, VA,
Billy Jonas - MN, GA, FL, PA, MA, MD, CN
Roger Day - MI, NC/SC, VA, FL, AL
Farmer Jason - SC/NC, IL, TN, UK
Zak Morgan - NC, LA, AL, WY, IN, IL
Scott Ainslie - MO, ME, NC, SC, PA, MA, CA
Doug Berky - LA, AL, FL, NC, SC
Paul Taylor – CO, IN, WV, NC, Australia