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Zak Morgan

Zak Morgan's creative writing residencies of three to five days use music and storytelling to exercise students' imagination and encourage reading. Look under Resources on this page to hear a couple of the original songs written and performed by Zak and students from these residencies.

NEW! Sound of Science Educational Concert -
Zak Morgan’s science show is designed generate excitement about science and encourage children to think about how we all use science in our daily lives. Zak’s original science songs are interactive and full of his trademark wit and wordplay. Zak points out all of the ways he uses science in his show, from sound waves, to electricity, to magnetism. Students will see electrons in action with Zak’s hilarious Van de Graaff ball and Plasma Globe demonstrations and watch Zak change the pitch a sound wave simply by bending his musical saw. And as in all Zak Morgan’s shows, children will be encouraged to be kind, curious and confident in this fun and memorable introduction to the science of sound.

Zak Morgan’s wit has been compared to Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. Zak has performed more than 2,500 concerts for children since 1999. Zak’s unique brand of music delivers songs and poems with wit and charm that inspire and tickle the funny bones. His performance is filled with musical stories, laughter and warmth as he encourages children to learn through reading, imagination, and believing in themselves. Parents and children will use their voices, creativity and body movements to join in the fun.

After earning a B.A. in English from Kenyon College, Morgan worked as Director of Rights Acquisitions for Recorded Books, Inc. and was immersed in the rich offerings of children's literature. His first CD, “Bloom”, was met with awards and many “Best of” listings and was followed by “When Bullfrogs Croak”. This CD was nominated for a GRAMMY, unusual for an independent release. In 2007 Zak released the DVD “ZakLand” with Hollywood director and producer Jay Silverman. 2011 brought “The Candy Machine”, an album about temptation and the golden rule. In February 2012, Morgan signed with myKaZoo Music/ Universal Music Enterprises and released “The Barber of the Beasts”. In 2014 Zak released “Christmas”, a collection of traditional pre-1900 Christmas songs.

"A possible successor to Shel Silverstein...these songs will delight and inspire any listener." KLIATT Starred Review