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Arts In Education Quick Reference Overview

Reggie Harris

  • Performances: Music and the Underground Railroad (Can be Multimedia, K-6, 6-8); I Have a Dream: How Martin Climbed the Mountain (Can be Multimedia, K-12); Additional Assembly Programs - Freedom Songs and the Civil Rights Movement (adapts to K-12 and college)
  • Professional Development for Educators: Sing to Freedom: Music & Stories of the Underground Railroad; Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement

Billy Jonas Band

  • Performances: Whose Gonna Make Our Music? (K-5th); The Troubadour Tradition (Middle and High)
  • Workshop 1: 'Bangin’ & Sangin’ 101’; Workshop 2: 'Songwriting / Song-making’; Workshop 3 (primarily for high schools): 'Tools and Techniques’; Workshop 4 (High school/college): 'Songwriting in Motion’; Workshop 5 (High school/college): 'Performance'

Doug Berky

  • Performances: Gems: The World’s Wisdom Stories (K - 5th and a preschool version); Foibles and Fables (K-8th); No Show (K - 10th); Special Needs Audiences: Autism and ADHD; deaf populations
  • Workshops Exploring Communication and Cooperation with Mask and Physical Theatre (K - high school versions)
  • Residency: Give It a Facelift: Unmasking Literature with Mask Theatre (3rd to 8th grades)

Roger Day

  • Performances: Invincible (K - 5th); Marsh Mud Madness (Multimedia, K - 5th); Zookeepers In the House (PreK - 3rd); Dream Big! (K - 5th); Get Your Brain in Gear! (3rd to 6th)
  • Workshops: From First Idea to Finished Song: A Creative Writing Workshop with Songwriter Roger Day

Zak Morgan

  • Performances: Sound of Science (K - 5); Zakland (PreK - 5th)
  • Creative Writing and Songwriting Residencies (elementary, three to five days)

Hobey Ford’s Golden Rod Puppets

  • Performances: Sea Song (Pre-K – 5th); Animalia (Pre-K – 6th); Migration (1st – 8th); The Rainbow Bridge and Other Tales (1st – 6th); World Tales (K – 6th); Turtle Island Tales (K – 6th); Tales of Light (K – 5th); Tales for the Very Young (Preschool – 1st)
  • Teacher Workshops/Institutes: The Magic of Peeper Puppets: Exploring Story Writing Through Puppetry; From Larvae to Butterfly: Metamorphosis Through Puppetry; Telling Folktales with Shadow Puppets
  • Student Workshop: Shadow Puppetry (2nd – 8th)

Scott Ainslie

  • Performances: Call and Response: African and American Musical Traditions (3rd - High); Across the Color Line: The African South (3rd - High); Before Rock ’n’ Roll (K - 5th)
  • Wide Range of student workshops and residencies for 3rd – High
  • Teacher Workshop: Science and Sound

Long Time Comin’ with Reggie Harris and Scott Ainslie (5th – High)

  • Workshops with individual artists Scott Ainslie and Reggie Harris (see offerings from each artist above)

Paul Taylor

  • Performances: Wonders Down Under, Australian Music and Stories (K - 6th); Bush University (4th - High)
  • Australian Immersion Residencies and Workshops - one session or three to five day residencies (K - High)

Farmer Jason

  • Performances: From Farm to Forest (Preschool - 1st); Nature Jams (2nd - 4th)
  • Student Songwriting Workshops (3rd - 5th)

North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble

  • Performances: Percussive Dance Review (K - high)
  • NCYTE Lecture Demonstration (3rd to high)