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Loyd Artists

Our Amazing Artists

  1. Reggie Harris
  2. Billy Jonas
  3. Hobey Ford's Golden Rod Puppets
  4. Doug Berky
  5. Paul Taylor
  6. Roger Day
  7. Zak Morgan
  8. Scott Ainslie
  9. Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway
  10. Race and Song: A Musical Conversation
  11. Abraham Jam (on hiatus)

Arts In Education Quick Reference Overview

New studies demonstrate the importance of educating students in the arts.

Reggie Harris

  • Performances: Music and the Underground Railroad (Can be Multimedia, K-6, 6-8); I Have a Dream: How Martin Climbed the Mountain (Can be Multimedia, K-12); Additional Assembly Programs - Freedom Songs and the Civil Rights Movement (adapts to K-12 and college)
  • Professional Development for Educators: Sing to Freedom: Music & Stories of the Underground Railroad; Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement

Billy Jonas Band

  • Performances: Whose Gonna Make Our Music? (K-5th); The Troubadour Tradition (Middle and High)
  • Workshop 1: 'Bangin’ & Sangin’ 101’; Workshop 2: 'Songwriting / Song-making’; Workshop 3 (primarily for high schools): 'Tools and Techniques’; Workshop 4 (High school/college): 'Songwriting in Motion’; Workshop 5 (High school/college): 'Performance'

Doug Berky

  • Performances: Gems: The World’s Wisdom Stories (K - 5th and a preschool version); Foibles and Fables (K-8th); No Show (K - 10th); Special Needs Audiences: Autism and ADHD; deaf populations
  • Workshops Exploring Communication and Cooperation with Mask and Physical Theatre (K - high school versions)
  • Residency: Give It a Facelift: Unmasking Literature with Mask Theatre (3rd to 8th grades)

Roger Day

  • Performances: Invincible (K - 5th); Marsh Mud Madness (Multimedia, K - 5th); Zookeepers In the House (PreK - 3rd); Dream Big! (K - 5th); Get Your Brain in Gear! (3rd to 6th)
  • Workshops: From First Idea to Finished Song: A Creative Writing Workshop with Songwriter Roger Day

Zak Morgan

  • Performances: Sound of Science (K - 5); Zakland (PreK - 5th)
  • Creative Writing and Songwriting Residencies (elementary, three to five days)

Hobey Ford’s Golden Rod Puppets

  • Performances: Sea Song (Pre-K – 5th); Animalia (Pre-K – 6th); Migration (1st – 8th); The Rainbow Bridge and Other Tales (1st – 6th); World Tales (K – 6th); Turtle Island Tales (K – 6th); Tales of Light (K – 5th); Tales for the Very Young (Preschool – 1st)
  • Teacher Workshops/Institutes: The Magic of Peeper Puppets: Exploring Story Writing Through Puppetry; From Larvae to Butterfly: Metamorphosis Through Puppetry; Telling Folktales with Shadow Puppets
  • Student Workshop: Shadow Puppetry (2nd – 8th)

Scott Ainslie

  • Performances: Call and Response: African and American Musical Traditions (3rd - High); Across the Color Line: The African South (3rd - High); Before Rock ’n’ Roll (K - 5th)
  • Wide Range of student workshops and residencies for 3rd – High
  • Teacher Workshop: Science and Sound

Long Time Comin’ with Reggie Harris and Scott Ainslie (5th – High)

  • Workshops with individual artists Scott Ainslie and Reggie Harris (see offerings from each artist above)

Paul Taylor

  • Performances: Wonders Down Under, Australian Music and Stories (K - 6th); Bush University (4th - High)
  • Australian Immersion Residencies and Workshops - one session or three to five day residencies (K - High)

North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble

  • Performances: Percussive Dance Review (K - high)
  • NCYTE Lecture Demonstration (3rd to high)