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Southern Voices: Black, White, and Blues- Glenis Redmond & Scott Ainslie

Performance poet Glenis Redmond & Blues musician/educator Scott Ainslie are each individually master communicators about the power of story in our lives.

Glenis Redmond performs and leads creative writing workshops at widely diverse venues across the country ranging from universities, festivals, conferences, prisons, theaters and libraries to performing arts centers and K-12 schools. Glenis' strong message is delivered through her poetry, performed live, bringing the "page to the stage," and encouraging others to listen within and find their own voice. Her poems and delivery can alternately soothe or move listeners to action and often evoke a deep, very personal response from audiences, young and old. Southern-born, and still a resident of the American South, Glenis' unique perspective on Southern Voices rings true.

A community-based artist, Scott Ainslie comes to the stage or classroom part storyteller, part scholar/historian, part educator and all musician. Armed with a lion-hearted voice and acoustic guitar, National slide guitar, fretless gourd banjo, and diddley bow (one-string slide instrument), Scott shares carefully chosen music, historical anecdotes and his decades of personal experiences with scores of elder Blues musicians across the American South.

Please visit each artist's BIO page on this website for more on the paths that led them to this collaboration and their creative processes.